A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Right away, you’re confronted by uncertainty about the future and questions from family, friends and your health care team. Your head is spinning, and you don’t know where to turn – until you find Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Network of Strength has been a trusted resource for 30 years and has helped thousands find the information they need to make educated decisions. From articles on our Web site to the knowledge of our YourShoes peer counselors on the 24/7 Hotline, Network of Strength keeps you informed. While we do not give medical advice, we do explain in plain language the information you’re likely to encounter. No matter what the breast cancer topic is, Network of Strength provides information you can trust with a survivor’s touch. Learn more about us at Purchase anything PINK from DiRTY ReD and 20% of your purchase goes to supporting Network of Strength!
Posted on October 6, 2008 .