What is DiRTY ReD?

What Team Dirty Red Means to Me....

Team Dirty Red is about friendship, dedication, inspiration and motivation. Team Dirty Red Indiana started with only 4 women. Within 6 months the team has grown to almost 40 members. This is an example of how camaraderie amongst runners is powerful and magical. The support and encouragement that comes within the group is amazing.
Each member has their individual running goals, whether it be a 5k or an ultra marathon, but as a team we support and encourage one another to be the best we can be. It's not just about helping someone get to the start line or to the finish line..it's about the journey in the middle. It's about the training, the dedication, the commitment, and the hard work. It's about remembering where you started and where you are today.
Some of us are super fast and some of us are just beginning, but it's somewhere in the middle that we connect as friends, as training partners, as coaches, as students, as family. It's about staying focused and staying strong. It's about getting out there, turning a lil' red and getting a lil' ( or alot) dirty! It's about challenging yourself to see who you really are and what you are really made of. It's about diggin' deep to be the best you can be and helping someone along the way..
It's about being DiRTY ReD!

Misty Chandos