TEAM DiRTY ReD's Top Leader Misty Chandos

It's time to give "Misty Chandos" a shout out this month for her fantastic efforts in building TEAM DiRTY ReD Indiana! I have praised Misty a thousand times but now I can tell everyone! LOL!

I met Misty last year at the Chicago Marathon and we chatted for a little while about building a TEAM DiRTY ReD in Indiana. I have to admit, Misty and her friends were really nice but I didn't think anything would come out of our conversation!

Well, that evening, I had to open my mouth and insert foot with running shoe on because somehow she put together 10 women to join her in her quest to build TEAM DiRTY ReD! It wasn't even 24 hours that I received an email from her and we started to get the ball rolling!

Once we built this team of women, it seemed like every day, Misty would send me an email about a new member! TEAM DiRTY ReD Indiana is now NEARLY 40 members strong and it continues to grow!

Misty is truly an inspiration to everyone that she touches, from 'beginner' to 'experienced' runners, she has that "golden running shoe" touch! Even though we are 2000 miles away, I am inspired by her excitement and passion for her group!

In a recent radio interview with WVLP Indiana radio, one of the interviewers asked Misty "why, why are you building this team and why with DiRTY ReD?". Well, if you don't know, now you know! LOL! It is her love for running and high energy that shows when she trains, competes and coaches others. Misty exemplifies the reasons why I developed and built DiRTY ReD!

Thank you Ms Misty for all your support and CHEERS (I got Gaterade in a glass)! We love ya, girl!

Posted on August 18, 2008 .