Running Partners

This past weekend, TEAM DiRTY ReD San Diego met for their usual meetup. We had two new ladies join us. They were getting back into running and looking for a local group to join. One of the ladies brought her adorable son and he had the best seat in house . . . the jog stroller! We all started out together and later I decided to switch things around. I wanted to push our new little friend in the jog stroller while his mother ran hands-free. I have to say the jog stroller brought back memories of trying to hold onto my love for running and my love for my girls!
Later I started to focus on the other runners I noticed how much fun they were having talking about life, kids and what was in store for them after the run. It reminded me of my 5:30am morning runs with my neighbor and good friend, Ms E. Even though rolling out of bed at 5am to prepare for a 5:30am run can be difficult, we really become energetic once we get going! When you have a dependable running partner, it makes the deed so much sweeter. You are committed to this person and ready to Rock n Roll when it is time to get up and get out!

If you are fortunate enough to have a group, partner or team, remind yourself of how fantastic it is to have someone else motivate you and create a fantastic base for you day to day and week to week.
I have to say, since TEAM DiRTY ReD has formed, it has really helped me become a better runner and it pushes me to motivate others. Whether they are fast, slow or average, it is just fun to be around other people that enjoyrunning.
Check out your local running groups at If you can not find a team or group that fits your needs, start your own! If you would like to start your own TEAM DiRTY ReD let us know at

Have a good one!
Posted on July 25, 2008 .