In the Moment

Today, I stumbled over a YouTube testimonial by P.Diddy on

You heard me, the hip-hop mogul on the Runner's World website! Of course, my curiousity wanted to see what this rapper possibly had to say about running! I have been running for over 20 years, what could he have to say? Right?

I have to say, Diddy / Puffy / Puff Daddy always seems to amaze me in some way or another. He spoke of his experience on the treadmill and how his initial reason for running that day was to sort things out in his head. In the midst of it all, he realized in a moment that he was just human. He could hear himself breathing, taking each step and just being a human being!

For me, running can be everything but when you do have a moment like that and you are listening to your body in motion, it is just an amazing feeling! Our lives are always moving so fast and we have to meet deadlines, rush across town to get this and meet someone over here to talk about that, we do not take the time to just listen and be!

Running can get you there!

When your brain is just tired of all the racket, just stop and listen to every foot step, look at your hands, feel your heart beat and the wind hitting your face. Our bodies are an amazing setup, one that still boggles the greatest minds in the world. Take care of it, notice it and treasure it while you can!

Your body is a gift! Keep running!

Check out Diddy's YouTube Epiphany at

Posted on July 23, 2008 .