Monday Motivation - "STRONGER"

STRONG: 1.having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks. to withstand great force or pressure. 3.mentally powerful or vigorous. 4.powerful in influence, authority, resources, or means of prevailing or succeeding. 

I am a little self-centered at times.  I am one of those people who believes that things happen for a reason, not everyone is as smart as I am and that the world does revolve around me while everyone else just lives in it. You would think I was this Goddess of the World.  Master of all things and rich beyond my dreams.  Well, nope. . .I'm not.  I am a regular ol'woman from Missouri with a lot of dreams and not enough drive to make it all happen! But I keep plugging along anyway.

Yesterday, a few friends and I went on a trail run in Escondido, CA.  None of us knew this particular course, wasn't sure what direction to take but we just put one foot in front of the other, discussed our game plan and headed out.  My legs were SO SORE from Friday and I have no IDEA what I could have done for them to be as sore as they were but I was determined to get these 9 miles in on Sunday. 

How did I get through it? I took the focus off myself and started paying attention to the world around me.  The lake, mountains and the sun took over and I started to enjoy the run. I made sure my running buddies were good by checking in on them and making silly conversation along the way. I tripped a few times and "fake-cried" every time we hit ANOTHER small hill but when I finished my 8.83 mile run, I was happy, I felt STRONGER (just like my shirt) and I was ready to really get into the rest of my day.

I am not a FULL ON nature type of girl.  You will not catch me camping out every weekend to experience my inner-being but when I have the opportunity to be around nature and do what I just puts life into perspective.  

Sometimes when we are down on ourselves or our situation, we need to refocus on something OTHER than ourselves.  Check it out...What's going on around you that needs to change?  Who can you help that needs a little motivation and what can you do to just make yourself laugh or smile for a solid 10 minutes?  Take the focus off of you this week and start helping others and enjoy what's going on around you! Have fun and never give up! This is my Monday MOJO.