After running a nice 5K this weekend...

...the one thing that truly surprised me was the feeling I had AFTER the run OR should I say the "not feeling anything" feeling after the run was over. I was a little winded and extremely tired because I could not sleep the night before, but there were not aches or pains! HALLELUJAH! Usually my feet, back and/or hips are on FIRE and it takes 2 or 3 days to recover but not this time!

That night, I slept well, got up the next day ready to do SOMETHING active! I missed the window of opportunity to get on my road bike but I did get in a good 3 mile walk with my MOMZ instead. I wanted to do more but I had to stay focused on my training schedule and RECOVER properly even though I felt NOTHING. 

If you read my blog from time to time, I sometimes whine about being over 40 but my running partner put things in SERIOUS perspective this weekend. He has had a rough couple of months with work and health yet, he is still smiling. Someone had asked him, why he wasn't losing his mind over all that he had been through in the past few week? He was telling me that when he checked himself into the hospital a few weeks ago, another guy who checked in around the same time did not able to check out...because he had..."checked out". Yeah, so what we whine about is n o t h i n g and it beats the alternative.

Look, I don't feel 40+ AND people tell me I don't look 40+ SO I am going to roll with NOT BEING 40+ and enjoy life, right where I am. This weekend I ran a 6:48 min/mile pace and what I do know...not very many women my age can say that! Soooo, I will keep reminding myself of all the good things I can accomplish and not dwell on the bad.


San Diego Fair 5K

I kicked off the weekend with the SD County Fair 5K run! This will be my third time running the event and I have to say, the event could have been better but it was still a great experience because I had family, as well as, good friends to hang out with. 

How could the event have been better? There are a few things and this is not necessarily a bad thing, but for runners who really keep track of their training through local events, these few things are crucial.

Before I get started,  note the registration participants get ONE free ticket into the SDFair and another ticket you can use to purchase a fair ticket for $5.00. Also, participants had to pick up numbers the day before the race OR pay a fee to pick it up on race day.

  • Ok, here we go...First, parking was expensive, $13 to be exact. Most running events, parking is either free or at a very low cost or it's part of the registration fee.
  • Second, the course was different from the previous years. There was an area where we had to run up a small flight of stairs and go down a small flight of stairs. That just isn't safe and best left for "obstacle course" runs.
  • Third, yes, I am still counting...the route was NOT 3.1 miles. Several runners came together to compare mileage and we were ALL under 3 miles. My running partner recorded the course at 2.75 miles. I had it at 2.90 and another lady had it was 2.65. That wasn't cool!
  • Last, there were NO METALS! I know I am too old for doggie treats but it would have been nice to have an awesome SD COUNTY FAIR METAL! Just saying

Now that I have listed all my disappointments, I am still happy I participated. My pace was the fastest pace per mile this year at 6:48min/mile pace. The energy was high and everyone was genuinely happy to be up and running! I mean, that's what we do...right? 

  • The warmup was fun and A LOT of people warmed up with the great music and fitness instructor. 
  • My familia was out there cheering me on and making me laugh. That always makes for a good time and when your good friends into the mix, it's awesome! 
  • There was free beer, KIND bars, sunglasses and chap stick. Yes, the beer was definitely the highlight (even though I don't drink beer...I got my water!). Regardless, I enjoy this event.
  • It's part of the fair, the course is flat and fast, the people are awesome and it makes for a great start to the weekend.

If you decide to run this event, register early, carpool with other runners and make it a day by using your SD FAIR TICKETS_ get the most out of your free/discounted ticket and parking. 

My next race will be in JULY...moving up to the 10K RUN! #KeepItMoving 


The Perfect Hydration Plan

  • Show up to your event already hydrated

  • Keep pace with fluid and sweat loss

  • Replace fluid loss in order to return to hydrated state

  • Before your event you will need 14-22 ounces

  • Drink 6-12 oz every 5 to 20 minutes during exercise or your event

  • After your event you will need 16-24 oz of for every pound of body mass lost during exercise.

Ask for Strength


Have you ever been faced with a challenge in your life that you wish or pray would go away? The challenge could be something at work, a health issue or a person in your life. No matter how much you pray about it, meditate on it or hold it in your thoughts, it doesn't seem to go away. What if you asked for strength? Strength to handle the challenge in a way that's smart and fearless. I know you might not want to face whatever it is but sometimes we have to grow up and push forward in order for things to work in our favor. 

If you are struggling with training or your weight, the same rules apply. Don't ask for something easy, ask for the strength to conquer the things that are hard. Do NOT be afraid to fail, be ready to learn and allow your strength to grow. This message of asking for strength and not a solution is extremely powerful to me and from now on I intend to ask for strength just in case my miracle doesn't always come through. 😉

Working on My Base

              Asics Global Running Day Ad

              Asics Global Running Day Ad

I have to admit, in the past few weeks, I've been feeling pretty good and I am hanging on to that good feeling!  I have so much energy, I can't sit down. Not sure what it is but as long as I am healthy, I don't care. My training for my upcoming events have been very different from previous years due to aging and available time. But I think I found a rhythm...more of an acceptance. If I can do it...GREAT...if not...OH WELL! My times have been pretty good for my age and I am going to keep going until I can't. Check this out...

My previous training consists of the following:

  • Run 3 days a week
  • Long run on Sunday
  • Strength Training 2 times a week
  • Other cardio once a week

My current training consists of the following:

  • Run 2 days a week
  • Long run on Sunday
  • Walking workout 1-2 times a week
  • Stairs once a week
  • Cycling once a week
  • Strength training 1-2 times a week.

You can see what I have changed and even though it seems like I have added to the workout, I really haven't because there are days I can get ANY training at all! That's why I have to walk A LOT of steps when I can't get a run in or my body is physically too tired bc of travel. There are compromises but I am moving. Also, I am 46 years old now and my body will respond to some workouts like "What the HECK?!?" I have to listen to my body to prevent injury. Thank GOODNESS for walking and simple pushups. LOL!

No matter how old you are or what your schedule looks like, if you want to get in shape, better shape, you can do it. It's not always easy or convenient but it IS possible. I love running and I love to compete with my previous times and test my pace when I am competing. I do events my body can recover from in a decent amount of time and accept what I can still do and what I can not. I feel better about myself and my can you!


It's Global Running Day!

How excited am I that it's Global Running Day? Not excited AT ALL. LOL! Yeah, right. It's TIME TO RUN, PEOPLE! Global Running Day is a day to celebrate the sport of running. Whether you run fast or slow, get out there and make a move. You do not have to be a professional and you don't have to run for very long. Celebrate the ability that you can run and go for it.

For me, running is the fountain of youth. I have been running for over 30 years and will not stop. Running has helped me get through the roughest times in my life and has served me the BEST times of my life literally and figuratively.

I am not as fast as I use to be but I am as fast I need to be. Now that I am older, it's awesome to see my girls and their friends compete or use running to stay in shape. Running has definitely become a social phenomenon and has brought so many people together. So, let's not only celebrate running but celebrate what running has done for so many others!