1. Be Yourself. Being someone else is too much work.

  2. Stay Focused. Don't get side-tracked.

  3. Never Look Back. You might strain your neck, so just look forward.

  4. Pray. Exercise your spirit like you exercise your body.

  5. Never Give Up. Remember, you put the work in, don't let it go...keep building your life.



This is the first weekend that I have EVER ran two races back to back...wellll...I guess the last time was in college when prelims were on the first day and finals the next, but that was AGES ago! As far as running 5Ks back to back or a 5K and a 10K or 1/2 marathon in one weekend, I always thought that was a bit much.  Not anymore.

I think last weekend, after my first, not-so-great duathlon, I really wanted to prove to myself that I still had a few good races in me. So, I signed up for a St. Patrick's Day 5k on Saturday and The Hot Chocolate 5K on Sunday. I have to say, I can NOT believe how great I feel and how happy I am with my results this weekend. YESSSS!

Now this is what I did. I left the INnOUT burger at INnOUT, got plenty of rest, hydrated and carb loaded like crazy the night before. I have to tell you, it was exciting to know I was challenging myself in a way that I haven't challenged myself before. 

For race #1, I took it easy until I found a rhythm. It was cold, muddy and a very bumpy run. I muddied my running kicks and tights but didn't care. Once I found my rhythm, I started looking for all the ponytails in front of me and start to make some ground. The only ponytails I didn't see were the two amazing little girls, 10 and 12 years old, who smashed it. 


For race #2, I had NO IDEA what the route was and for me that's a great thing! I decided to take off a bit faster than the day before and for the last mile, really turn up the volume. Sunday's route was hilly but again, I didn't care. This time, I didn't look for ponytails, I ran with the men. I could not BELIEVE how strong I felt and how I did NOT feel Saturday's race.

I am totally motivated for my next duathlon. Next week, the BIKE...that DREADFUL BIKE! LOL! Finding your rhythm in whatever you do is very rewarding. The only difference between now and college? It takes me a little extra time to recover but I am AOK with that. As long as I can run, I'm good.

Do what you love! #happyrunning




When I learned that juicing promotes healthy looking skin and it was like taking "live" vitamins, I was in!  I love finding new ways to take care of my hair, skin and nails...especially when I can do it naturally. Hey, I'm a girl who's a little vain...nothing wrong with that.

I happened to stumble over a film on Netflix called "Hungry for Change". It caught my attention, because like everyone else, I want positive change in my life. 

The "Hungry for Change" film had an entire section on juicing and how juicing literally has saved lives. I don't want to get into detail because I want you to watch the film for yourself. The experts explained that juicing was the best way to get vitamins and nutrients in your system. Also, if you juice on a regular basis, you will noticed increased energy, healthier looking skin and can help promote weight loss. 

So, I got my juicer, got my organic fruits and "veges" and now I juice every day! Before juicing, I experienced the regular aches and pains of aging. My joints would hurt, my energy was low and no matter how much or little I worked out, something was always hurting. After juicing for a solid 2 weeks, my energy level sky-rocketed, the aches and pains were gone and my skin cleared up. I also noticed I didn't want ANY junk food and I wanted to workout even more (if that's possible).  Juicing motivated me to start eating super-healthy ALL the time. I didn't want anything else bad in my system. I had no desire for that occasional donut or candy bar (that part didn't last long but it did happen). LOL!

Remember, I am a baby when it comes to juicing so, as I mature, I will share. I try and use all organic fruits and vegetables. I suggest that you clean your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.  Once everything is broken down into juice, save the compost for future smoothies. The compost is the fiber left over from juicing. Your body can always use a little extra fiber to lower cholesterol and regular blood sugar. Last, I suggest not drink more than a cup and half of juice. Remember, juicing is a live vitamin that goes straight to your blood stream and too much can keep you UP ALL NIGHT!

  • 1/2 Cucumber, 1 cup Kale, 2 small Carrots, 1 full Sweet Apple, 1 brocolli stalk, small piece of Ginger Root
  • 2 tall Celery stems, 1 cup Spinach, 1 Large Green Apple, Ginger Root, 2 small Carrots
  • 2 tall Celery stems, 1 cup Red Organic Kale, 1 Gala Apple, 2 small Carrots, Ginger Root, 4 large Strawberries

Benefits of Juicing:

  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes strong bones and a glowing complexion
  • May reduce chances of heart disease, cancer and strokes

Finding the Right Juicer:

What juicer will work for you? When I started my research, there were SO MANY JUICERS to choose from! I needed one that was affordable, worked extremely well and was easy to clean. The Breville juicer was highly recommended on several juicing sites. The price range varies between $150 - $450. Even though I wanted to juicer to be easy to clean, I have to warn you, it is important to clean your juicer as soon as you are done using it. Get into that habit immediately to keep your juice clean, sanitized and ready for the next day. It's a LITTLE time consuming, but not really when it comes to making healthier lifestyle choices.Check out the link below and start juicing with me!  I've got my Dad, co-worker and a couple of friends to juice with me and they love it.