Hip Flexors

Prevent Injury and Keep Your Hips Strong

What are hip flexors? Hip flexors consist of two major muscles (psoas major and iliacus) and three assisting muscles (tensor fascia latae, rectus femoris and the sartorius). These muscles are located deep in the lower abdominal area and the front, top area of the quadriceps. These amazing five muscles are responsible for hip flexion.

Examples of hip flexion:

  • bending at hip 
  • lifting your leg or knee
  • sitting or kicking a ball

It's important to make sure you keep your hip flexors mobile to prevent future injuries; lower back pain, hip pain and/or hip injury. For many of us, we sit at a desk all day allowing our hip flexors to shorten and feel tight when we stand. Tight hip flexors will pull on other major muscles that are related to the lower back, glutes and posterior leg muscles. So, if you are sitting for most of the day, make sure you move every 20 minutes to make copies, grab a drink of water and walk to your next meeting. Computers don't rule the world, we do, so get moving and take care of your body.

Check out these yoga inspired stretches to keep your hip flexors...flexible.

Hip Flexor Stretch #1

  • One knee is placed on the floor and the other knee is up at a 90 degree angle.
  • Place hands on hips.
  • Lift your chest and drop shoulders.
  • Push your hip forward and feel the stretch in the front of your leg.

Hip Flexor Stretch #2

  • One knee is placed on the ground.
  • Lift the opposite knee up to hip height.
  • Keep both hip bones facing the floor.
  • Flex your lifted knee and then grab the top of your foot with the opposite hand.

Hip Flexor Stretch #3

  • Lie prone on the ground.
  • Flex both knees and grab the top of your feet with your hands.
  • Lift your chest.
  • Keep your chin slightly tucked in.