Happy Mama Moment


Yep, that's my oldest, baby girl running the 800 meter dash at the Bronco Invitationals this past year. Nia is one of the top runners in the San Diego county and now the state. This past weekend, I had a #happymama moment when she ran the 800 meter dash and broke the Palomar League record! It's one thing to know your kid is trying to do great things but to see it is another.

I attend 98.9% of all of her track meets and record her races. I mainly record the races for my dad & mom, as well as, our entire Missouri family. My dad ran track, I ran track and now Nia, who hated running club track at 7 years old, is now running and doing amazing things! This past Saturday was the Palomar League Track and Field Finals and Nia was ready to run. My husband and I were both able to attend because there was no soccer this weekend and we didn't have to split our time...NEVER HAPPENS! We also had NO IDEA Nia was going for the Palomar League record of 30 years until it was announced she broke it and we read her article in the Pomerado News. WHAT?!?

We were both shocked, happy and amazed! Nia is a completely different kid at home but when she is on the track...WHOOOO? WHAAAT?!! She has also dealt with a series of injuries all season long and missed almost half of her meets this season. So, we were very unsure of this year's outcome on the track. 

I hope my readers don't mind this bragging post but I am proud of my girl...both my girls...their work ethic is solid and the desire to be at their best is amazing. My husband and I question our parenting skills every day...no seriously...like every hour (through text messages, emails and phone calls)! I'm not going to say we have it down but I THINK we are moving in the right direction. We have a LONG way to go but by putting God first and giving them the love they need...it's working. So, we will keep moving forward with that plan and pray for the best!

Great job this weekend, Nia and GOOD LUCK going into CIF prelims this weekend!

Rancho Bernardo Track Team as a whole did a great job, had fantastic finishes and will be exciting to watch in the next two weeks! GO BRONCOS!