Before you start kissing on yourself and adoring the image looking back at you in the mirror, let's take a different approach to self-love. I'm talking about taking care of yourself from the inside out. 

February is a great month for both men and women to get their physicals in. Make an appointment today and make sure the following is complete: blood pressure, height/weight, cancer screenings, std screenings and get your cholesterol levels checked. Also, blood tests to check for diabetes, thyroid disease, liver problems and/or anemia. These are just to name a few.

More than likely you will fine but if there is something going on, it's always better now than later.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that after every workout, I could barely breathe and my heart rate would not come down like it normally would. I was extremely exhausted and had problems sleeping. I realized it was that time of the year to see my doctor and made all the necessary appointments. 

The doctor checked everything...from the rootah-to-the-tootah! Yeah, like that and thank goodness, for the most part, I left with a clean bill of health but with instructions to slow down and let my body rest. My doctor told me that my body was stressed and needed a complete break.

A complete break? What the heck does that mean? She suggest that I had to literally STOP working out. I thought I was going to faint!!!  B U T  I took her advise and did nothing for 2 weeks. I have to admit after two days of doing absolutely nothing...I felt the stress-level in my body literally release itself after the first two days. I truly believe my body was telling me...THANK YOU! I got some lavender scented candles, chamomile tea and just CHILLED...REALLY HARD.

I actually waited a full two weeks before I slowly started to workout again. I listened to what my body needed and thank goodness I did. WOW! What a difference!!! This is why I tell you please love yourself enough to go to the doctor NOW! OK...make the appointment NOW!

Here is where the real loving yourself comes in nicely and ONLY if you made the call to the doctor and actually went...Go get a

  • facial
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • have one and I mean one glass of wine (if you are allowed)
  • full body massage
  • one and I do mean one...piece of dark chocolate candy!
  • relax

If loving yourself is wrong I don't want to be right. ENJOY!