From Running to Cycling

TIME TO GET ON THE BIKE photos  Roman Pohorecki photos Roman Pohorecki

My first duathlon of the season is coming up and I have not been on my bike since September 2018. Here are my excuses. . .

  1. When duathlon season was done, so was I!

  2. It is too COLD to ride right now.

  3. It’s raining ALOT in San Diego!

  4. I don’t wanna get on the bike, I’m scared. LOL!

I know, pretty pathetic. I am a runner through and through. Rain or Shine, I will show up for a run, but getting on a bike takes a little bit of an effort. So, here are a few tips I use to get me to start cross training on a bike.

Jump on my spin bike for 20 minute intervals. Just like running, I have to ease my way back into training. So, I start on my spin bike twice a week for 20 minutes the first week, 30 the next and so on.

Read cycling magazines for motivation. I love reading running and cycling magazines. The photos and articles really inspire me to start moving.

Find a group of riders. It’s always fun to join other riders and find new routes to take. I recently attended Black Girls Do Bike and TriClub of San Diego meetup to learn more about their group rides.

Host your own riding party. I just signed myself up to host a ride. What better way to get myself out there than to invite others to join me? Knowing other women are depending on me to make an event happen really gets me fired up and ready to ride. So, I am hosting my first ride and if it’s a success I will do it again.

Good luck and let’ get riding!

Black Girls Do Bike | San Diego Tri Club

Posted on February 18, 2019 .