Candy Crunchers and Calorie Counting....

It's that time of the year again when that door for extra calories start to open. Halloween will be tomorrow and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas will start Saturday and Sunday! LOL! Those calories that you have been counting will start to get exhausting because of all that chocolate, sugar and treats. So this month, I will help you count those calories.

Losing weight? You will need less calories going in than what you are putting out. Does that mean "stop eating"? NO. It means cutting back little by little during each meal to make a positive effect on your body. Do not cut out carbs or protein but reducing the amount of calories per meal, plus 30 minutes of daily exercise will get you moving on the right path.

Maintaining Weight? This is when the challenge to count calories can get interesting. If you burn 300 calories, you need to replace 300 calories. That could be in the form of a great protein drink, 2 servings of fruits and veges or a light sandwich between meals. Even a handful of nuts can work and you don't have to worry about another full meal.

Gaining weight? A lot of people think, OK, I can do this...I can gain the weight by eating anything I want. Yes, but then what about your energy levels, what about too much of a good thing. Overeating is a problem in this country and when you need to gain weight in a healthy way, many get confused and think it's impossible. There are many ways to gain weight without piling on the donuts and cake. There are smoothies, oatmeal, extra healthy meal you can add to your day and drinking more fruit drinks without a lot of sugar can help to. If you want to know how you can get your weight where it needs to be feel free to email me for a free and general consultation.