Ask for Strength


Have you ever been faced with a challenge in your life that you wish or pray would go away? The challenge could be something at work, a health issue or a person in your life. No matter how much you pray about it, meditate on it or hold it in your thoughts, it doesn't seem to go away. What if you asked for strength? Strength to handle the challenge in a way that's smart and fearless. I know you might not want to face whatever it is but sometimes we have to grow up and push forward in order for things to work in our favor. 

If you are struggling with training or your weight, the same rules apply. Don't ask for something easy, ask for the strength to conquer the things that are hard. Do NOT be afraid to fail, be ready to learn and allow your strength to grow. This message of asking for strength and not a solution is extremely powerful to me and from now on I intend to ask for strength just in case my miracle doesn't always come through. 😉

Posted on June 12, 2017 .