Arggg! Then GO.


I don't normally post things like this on my blog but since I am changing things up in my life, there will be no exceptions here. 

We all have those days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It could be because we didn't get enough sleep, had a bad dream or just we woke up PISSED! That was me this morning. After my 4 alarms went off, I literally laid there contemplating if I should continue to sleep throughout the day or get my skinny butt up and GO! Oi. 

I mean I have responsibilities and people who depend on me. What if there is a day I don't show up? What if I did NOTHING for NO ONE? Would it catastrophic? Probably not but it wouldn't be good for those who actually need me. DO take my responsibilities seriously and I hate letting my loved ones down. I got up and pushed through...MAD...but I'm UP!!!

Now that I am sitting here blogging this, I'm much better and I WILL have a good day, GOSH DARN IT! 😂

So, I encourage my peeps out there to KEEP going with me. Whether it's something little or something big, keep it mov'n! Ironically, on my way to work, the late R&B princess Aliyah's song "Dust Yourself Off" came on the radio and it immediately calmed me down. Thank goodness! 

Just so you know, nothing worked out for me this morning. I was half dressed, slightly late and still stuck in traffic AND didn't get a workout in.  ARGGG! It's ok because it WILL get done tonight. 

Let's push through the day, people with a prayer and a smile. It's ALREADY Thursday...let's DO THIS so we can dance into FRIDAY! 💪

Posted on April 20, 2017 .