Train Hard but Keep it Fresh

When designing a training program, it's important not get stagnant. Getting people to move is one thing but to keep them moving is another. As a trainer, I always make sure that my clients have something to look forward to. Keeping the "bottom line" solid and keeping the challenge "challenging". Whether you are looking to lose weight, train for your first 5K or run a marathon, each week should be progressive, each day should never be the same and each stage of training should be challenging. 

Changing it up from time to time...

  • creates a synergy between the mind and body
  • motivates a desire to want more from the next workout
  • moves the body in different planes of motion
  • prevents future injuries
  • helps to accomplish your goals faster

Changes that can make a difference...

  • cardio is not always about running, try boxing, spin or martial arts
  • switch from "clanging and banging" in the gym to a boot camp at the park
  • move away from body weight training and try suspension training-TRX once a week
  • instead of working out alone, find a small group with the same goals and meet-up once or twice a week.

Never lose sight of your goals, believe in yourself and never give up.