BMI, Fast Food and Busy Parents!

Lions, Tigers and Bears. . .oh my!

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness month.  Yes, this month it is all about those little kids we love so dearly.  Whether your kids are perfect little angels or running your stir-crazy, they are our future and with the alarming statistics that childhood obesity has triple in the past 30 years, we have to make sure that they will be around for the next 30 years to take care of US!

Many of us have heard the acronym BMI used by personal trainers, doctors and other fitness professionals.  Well, BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it's a quick and easy way to roughly determine if a child and/or adult is considered overweight/obese according to their height and weight. This rough assessment is a great tool to have and use to discuss next steps with your doctor or dietician.  Check out the formula to your right. 

As a busy parent of two girls, I know that sitting down to a regular, cooked meal isn't always going to happen.  With many households having multiple kids, two working parents and a schedule that is absolutely Cra-CrAzY sometimes heading to the fast food drive thru is the only option.  Hey, I get it and it's going to happen but we can be smarter.

Here are some options that work for us! Check them out and see what you think.

  • If there is a way that you can prepare their food ahead of time and store them in plastic containers at the beginning of the week, that could not only save money but regulate what they are putting in their bodies.  
  • If you MUST go to the fast food drive thru, pick the apple slices over the fries and a grilled chicken sandwich over the processed burger and cut the sandwich in half to watch their portions.  
  • Healthy granola bars, water bottles and nuts can be stored and added to their lunch or the backpack and even in your car so that they can be picked up, dropped off and snacks in hand until dinner is served.  

If your kid isn't into physical fitness and they would rather play their cello and shall I say video games, that's cool. . .BUT. . . 

I have a girl who LOVES playing the cello and soccer.  She is on a local soccer team and it can be pretty demanding but when she is on hiatus from soccer, she chills HARD by watching TV, eating us out of house and home plus hanging out on the computer with her friends remotely. That's when I have to step in and make sure she walks the dog, rides her bike or walks to the local store with me or her friends to keep her moving for 30 minutes a day.  There are no breaks when living a healthy lifestyle and it can be fun!

Let's continue to make sure we teach our kids to move and play HARD! Whether it's outside in the backyard, riding bikes or chasing after their friends in the park. . .you are getting them to stay ACTIVE!  Let's keep our kids moving, watch what they eat,  join them and love them really hard.  If we can do that as parents and guardians, we are making great strides in fighting childhood obesity.

Information from "Prevent Cancer"