SeeMeFit Update!

So, the first week of the SeeMeFit Fitness Challenge is well on it's way.  With 10 participants everyone is moving along strong.  SeeMeFitter's just received challenge #5 today and they have an option. . .do the challenge or do their normal workout for that day.  There are 2 cardio days and a "FreeStyle" day that they get on the weekends.  There has been good feedback from the participants and great information shared on the private Facebook site by ME!

What's great about the challenge, they can do their daily challenges any time, anywhere and it doesn't take up a lot of their time.  For some, 30 mins and they are done!

Next week, they will be the first to have access to some great podcasts on clean eating and muscle definition.  SeeMeFitter's have an open forum for questions or concerns about their fitness goals and interests.  I provide daily videos and discuss options on their private FB page.    

If you are interested in joining the SeeMeFit Challenge go to and purchase your shirt to get started!  You have missed the first week but you can always read previous posts, ask questions and start when you are ready.  The person with the most points at the end wins a $50 gift card and goodie pack! It's fun, easy and keeps you moving.  Join us! If you are not ready, that is OK, I will have more fitness challenges coming up in the month of September and October!

In the meantime, stay healthy, active and happy from the inside and out and KEEP MOVING! -Nic