Wonderful things on Wednesday!

Mountain Climbers 3 sets of 20 will get  the heart pumping!

Mountain Climbers 3 sets of 20 will get  the heart pumping!

Exercise of the Day:

Mountain Climbers work your arms, obliques and legs.  It's a great full body workout that you can modify to be simple (by using the wall) or advanced by adding a push-up and moving your legs as fast as you can!


RockMyRun.com is a great way to get the best music mix for your workout or run. There are hundreds to choose from with various lengths and beats that will work perfectly for your next workout.  My favorites mixes this week:

  • Leave the World Behind
  • Blissful Beats and
  • Big & Poppin'
Find your favorite mix at  rockmyrun.com 

Find your favorite mix at rockmyrun.com 

Reebok's Running Shirt:

I LOVE this top! I just wore it this morning for my Wednesday "recovery" run.  The design aspects are beautiful in the back and when you get hot while working out, it's perfect. The picture is a little deceiving because you do need a sports bra with this top.  There are other colors available and this top runs a little big.  You can grab yours at Reebok.com or Dick's Sporting Goods.  Check it out! It's perfect for summer.  You have a favorite piece of gear that makes you feel AWESOME...wear it...ALLthe time!

Location, Location. . .Location

Sometimes, location is everything but when you don't live near the beach or have blue skies, it can be hard.  Find your dream location, download the pictures and put it on your phone.  When the day gets tough, pull it out, dream a little bit and just relax. . . it's going to A O K! I don't live that close to the beach but when I am in front of the computer all day, I make sure I have a photo of my favorite spot to sooth my mind and remind me that there are things much greater than myself. The ocean reminds me of that and I am sure you have something that reminds you of that as well!

Torrey Pines and Solana Beach...my favorite spot 2run!

Torrey Pines and Solana Beach...my favorite spot 2run!


Never, never and I say "never" hesitate to be your own cheerleader! Not everyone is going to be around to push you and that's when it can get hard. Remind yourself of how awesome you are, no matter if you can run 26.2 miles or walk 1 mile.  You know how to put one foot in front of the other and just "Go For It"! Right? So don't wait for the cows to come home. . .they take too long.  Get moving and start cheering for yourself once in a while!

Those are the Wonderful Things that I count on during the middle of the week.

Happy Hump Day!

Posted on July 23, 2014 .