Time to Work the Core. . .

Core training is so important to help protect your spine, maintain great balance and...oh yes...help you look thinner! If you are participating in the February Core and Affirmation Challenge, you will notice that your abs are getting W O R K E D if you are new to fitness. If you are little ore advanced, here are a few OTHER exercises you can do to build an amazing 6 pack. My favorite are Mountain Climbers and V-ups. Check them out, add one of the exercises to your daily challenge and enjoy! nicakins.com/workout 



  • Jump rope high knees / modification: knee lifts.
  • Mountain Climbers / modification: planks with knee touch (on floor or wall).
  • Supine Double Knee Lifts / modification: one leg at a time.
  • V-ups coupled with C-crunches and medicine ball / modification: no medicine ball C-crunch only.
  • Each set 3 times for 1 minute (advanced) or 20-30 seconds each for beginners.  Do what you can and consult your trainer or doctor before starting any exercise routine.
  • Let's get HARD "CORE"!