National Running Day

Get those sneakers out and start running! You can run to work, run around the block or run to grab your favorite latte.  Have fun with it and make today your favorite running day of the year!

5 Reasons Why I Run:

  1. Running keeps my crazy under control.
  2. Running keeps my legs looking like legs and not sticks.
  3. Running makes me faster than my husband and helps me keep up with my kids. What? I am faster than him. . .golf is a SLOW sport.
  4. Running has been my sole mate.  Why? It helped get rid of my pregnancy weight and keep it off. Gotta love that!
  5. Running is easy, you can do it anywhere and every time I head out the door to run. . .it's a whole new challenge that gets my heart racing!


Posted on June 3, 2014 .