OH MY GOODNESS! It is finally Friday and I have to tell you. . .it's been a L O N G week! Even though the kids are out of school and I thought I was getting a little freedom with my schedule, there was still work, practices and running around! This #happymama was not 100% happy this week.  It's almost like the universe knew and started throwing other things in my lap! Uh huh! That's OK. . .because I can handle it. . .

My Easy 5K this morning! 

My Easy 5K this morning! 

That's cool because today I have a few projects to get done and then WE (my gurlz and I) are heading to the beach! I am bringing my books, blankets, food and tired legs to the WATER! or at least closer to it.

Now just because it's Friday and I am venting a bit on how busy the week has been, it never stops me from getting a good workout in.  I ran a nice little 5K this morning and now I have a speed date with the foam roller.  My swimsuit is ON (under my regular clothes...shh, don't tell anyone!) and I have to say "THANK GOODNESS FOR RUNNING and FITNESS!" because this little bod is ready for the sun!

Below is a quick little Friday Fitness Workout you can get in before, during or after your busy-day Friday!  Get out there, have fun and start to enjoy your weekend RIGHT NOW!

  • 10 minute run/jog or walk
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 20 knee lifts
  • 30 mountain climbers
  • 20 lunges
  • 2 minute jog
  • Have fun and REPEAT!

If you are not near a beach, make up your own "getaway" spot in your backyard or at the park.  Get on your feet and enjoy this heat! Make the best of it!

Father's Day is every day, especially for all the Dad's out there who never stop being a REAL dad.  For my Dad, Father's Day always fell right around his birthday. . .so it has always been a big celebration for our Papa (that's what the gurlz call him).  So, have a wonderful day, Dad and stay OUT of the HEAT! love Nicol