This past weekend, I had the honor of screaming my head off  for the Broncos' HS Girls Track Team during the CIF Finals.  Bronco Girls won the CIF Title with top runners in the 100m, 200m, 800m including the 4X100m relay and 4X400m relay.  The girls ran tough races but worked hard throughout the day to earn their ticket to CIF State Championships.  The 4X100m and the 4X400m teams both broke RBHS records.  The 4X100m girls won with a time of a 47.82 while the 4X400m girls came in second with a time of 3:55:22.  Congratulations to all the girls that ran this weekend! 

My daughter Nia took first place in the 800m dash breaking the school record.  Nia also lead both the 4X100m and 4X400m teams this past weekend taking home two more school records. RBHS girls are heading to CIF State Championships.  Good luck and have fun, ladies!

OK, there's my plug. . .now I can stop typing! LOL!


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Posted on June 3, 2014 .