Temecula Half Marathon 2014


So, I am getting my peeps excited about the Temecula 1/2 Marathon and 5K that is happening on October 26th in Temecula, CA starting at 7:30AM.  For some, it's their very first 5K and for others it's a great excuse to hang with their friends in Wine Country.  For whatever reason, it is going to be fun.  Not only can you review the route, check out the elevation on this run.  It looks tough and if you are going to do this. . .I highly suggest that you get your hill work in weekly! 

Since you have a some time to register and actually run the event, summer time is the perfect time to get your body moving and ready for this event.  The outdoors is your gym and there are so many things you can do to start building up your endurance.

Here are some tips to get you started on your PRE-TRAINING Marathon or 5K Workout:

  • Swim and Splash.  You can increase your lung capacity and endurance by putting in a few laps in between water fights with your family/friends.  
  • Cycle and Roll.  Build leg muscle and endurance when you put in the miles rolling through your favorite park,  beach or bike trail.
  • Easy Social Run.  Of course, running prepares you for, well, running! HELLO!?!  Hit the treadmill during lunch or grab your buddies after work and race to the nearest Happy hour creating your own fun run.  Last one buys the first round of alcoholic carbs!
  • Yoga at Sunrise/Sunset.  Stretching out key muscles used when running will elongate your beautiful muscles, relax your body and prevent future injuries.  
  • Simply Walk.  Keep'n it SIMPLE for the newbies. . .nothing wrong with that! Just WALK. Grab your pooch and/or your favorite tunes from ROCKMYRUN and head out!
  • Strength Training and LIFT.  Summer is a perfect time to start lifting weights.  You can build a strong base with light weights and high reps.  Get help from your local personal trainer or fitness instructor or keep reading this blog to get strongAH!

You don't have to be a runner to participate.  Register today and don't forget your "SEENICRUN Codes" for your special offer!

  • Marathon Code:  FRIENDSOFNIC 1/2 
  • 5K Code:  SEENICRUN5