When it comes to getting a good workout in, my neighborhood is one of the best "outdoor playgrounds" that I have ever experienced (with the exception of Manhattan Beach. . .hilly, beachy. . .different)!  There are hills, trails and interesting people that cross my path EVERY DAY!

You will always find a group of women walking early in the morning after dropping off their kids.  This is one very TALL man who looks like an x-marine who runs for miles with the same pace, hat, sunglasses and glare in his eye like don't mess with me.  An older woman who wears very round sunglasses, a boho purse and light weight jacket. No matter how cold or hot it may be, she will walk to grocery store or local drug store to grab a few things and head right back home. Our neighborhood has several very cool couples who love walking up and down every neighborhood street in the early morning hours around 9am.  One couple in particular loves to converse with one another and the lady's hair is thick, curly and extremely bouncy when she walks.  That's all you see is her hair! 

My favorite person in all of this is the little old Asian man who places himself in the middle of the sidewalk on one of our major cross streets.  Every morning when I take the girls to school he is right there stretching and doing TAI CHI.  He completely blocks out all the craziness around him and gets his workout on RIGHT THERE!  Now that's focus! 

Needless to say, my community is an ACTIVE one and today's motivation is all about moving the way YOU want to move.   There are no excuses and no limitations to what you can do or how you can do it.  Find something that interests you, head out the door and make it your exercise time, your experience.  If it's too hot, do it before you go to work or later in the evening when there are other people out and about.  Find some buddies and just walk/talk for 20-30 minutes. Share funny moments or interesting stories.  You will start to move faster, increase your heart rate and get into a nice little rhythm.  Try something new, have fun and MOVE. It's the SUMMER TIME baby!

Posted on June 16, 2014 .