Being motivated is definitely fitness for the mind! There are days and/or weeks that can really knock you off your game and shake you a little bit.  That's how my life has been in the past 2 weeks. Work has not been fun and life has completely taken a U-turn.  

Did I let that define who I am?

Well. . .of course I did. . .for a couple of days (I'm human)! Maybe more but one thing I refused to do is let life pull me down.  I started to put a list of things together that I knew would help me get through this tough time in my life.  I've had rough patches before and didn't take action.  Now, I am taking action and refusing to let anything or anyone bring me down.

Here is my list that I have been following and it's working. . .

  1. Get out and help others. By taking the focus off of myself and focusing on someone else's needs makes me feel good from the inside out.
  2. I registered for a 5K.  I am excited to run again and this is a great JUMP START to a nice summer running season!
  3. Surround myself with good friends and family.  People who will keep the conversation positive, funny and free from judgement.  
  4. Play good music very LOUD. . .DAILY.  I LOVE music and I LOVE RockMyRun mixes.  It just makes the day go by with a little pep in your step!
  5. Even though being a fitness instructor is part of my job, it doesn't feel like it.  My participants and I have a love/hate relationship! We love seeing each other but hate the pain of a GOOD WORKOUT! LOL! They always put a smile on my face.

So, that's my short list of things that's keeping me going.  What will your list look like?

Posted on May 5, 2014 .