Temecula Marathon Ambassador

It's "FIT BIT" Friday and today I want to share that I have been asked by Sandy Feet Events to be one of their ambassador's of the Temecula Marathon that will be taking place on October 26th, 2014!  

I am pretty excited and nervous because I needed something to get me motivated and ready to get back into full running shape and I think this will do it!  I am nervous because I will be sharing my workouts, meal plans and everything else that comes with training for a 1/2 marathon.  I am not 30+ anymore, so the training and competition (with myself) is going to be very interesting! Let's see what happens and I hope that you can join me!

If you are interested in running the Temecula Half Marathon email me on the "LET'S MEET" page and I can offer a special discounted price before you decide to register!