Running in the Heat

Right now in San Diego, we are not only dealing with the heat, we are dealing with our seasonal wild fires.  Right now at this moment we have 9 fires burning in San Diego county.  Luckily where I live we are OK but we can definitely see smoke from our back window and we can smell the smoke in the air when we head outside.  

Needless to say, running in this heat of 95 degrees and higher is NOT healthy.  You can experience heat exhaustion, cramps and even stoke if you do not take the necessary precautions. So, the best thing would be to head to your local gym or do your workouts at home.  It's not the end of the work and changing up your workout routine can be a good thing.  Keeps things interesting.  

Yesterday, I had to get my run in EARLY because our high in Diego yesterday was 101.  So, I headed out around 7:30am and it was close to 80 degrees and THAT was hard! The air was dry and my body did not agree to the heat but I got through it and here are a few things that helped me finish a nice run without passing out or stopping!

1) DRINK LOTS OF WATER:  (Before and after your run)  I am so happy that I am full-blast running and workout mode again.  I pay more attention to my body and my environment.  I knew it was going to be hot so I drank water OFTEN.  I carried it with me the day before and all night.  It kept me hydrated and my breathing under control.  Taking water with you while working out is very important as well!

2) WET HAIR DAY: I didn't have to head into the office yesterday so I made sure my hair was wet.  It kept my body cool and I knew that I would not overheat.  If you do not want to wet your hair, you can wet a towel and keep it around your neck.

3) RUN SLOWER: I made sure that my run was relaxed and at a slower pace than normal.  I didn't want to over do it but I had to get the miles in.  So, the competitive side and fitness freak in me had to be PUSHED out the door! I took my time and relaxed.  

4) LESS IS BETTER:  Wearing less is more.  I wore a light weight, loose fitting shirt, super short shorts (or loose fitting shorts) and light in color.  No need to pile on the gear.  I wanted to make sure that my body could breath and if there was an ounce of air, it could flow through my gear easily.

5) SUNSCREEN:  I forget this myself because it was never enforced as a kid, but I try.  So, don't be like me. . .protect your skin!  The sun is NO JOKE and the skin you have is all you GOT! So protect it with sunscreen.  SPF should be 30+.  

6) MEDICATIONS & ALCOHOL: Do I have to tell you? YES.  If you take medications or drink alcohol, make sure you don't head out for a run or a heavy duty workout soon after when HOT.  Some medications react in a negative way when the body is overheated, so ask your doctor and read the labels.  IF you have asthma like me, make sure you take your inhaler even when you feel fine.  Dry conditions are not our friend so do not skip out on your medications.  

7) GOOD MUSIC: Take music that will motivate you but will not push you too hard.  Remember, you need to move slower than your norm so music that is a little more AT EASE but enough to keep you moving and motivated to finish your workout.  I love ROCKMYRUN and there are so many mixes to choose from that you will find something that will work for you.  

Be careful out there.  I know that many of you love to move and be outside but if the weather is extremely hot and dry, take the necessary precautions and get your workouts in early in the morning or later in the evening when the weather has cooled off, the air quality is a bit better than the middle of the day and you can train the way you want.  Always stay hydrated and have fun!

GEAR:  light clothes, bottle of water, light weight running hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

Be Careful San Diego!