MIND. . .I tend to have anxiety attacks and I am not exactly sure what brings them on but I do know if I don't have my head in a positive place, the anxiety grows.  So, having positive thoughts is very important.  It sets you up for a good day and motivates you to keep pushing through just about any circumstance.  When you mind is set, your body will follow!

BODY. . .Well, you know how I feel about the body.  It has to move and change to the be the best machine that it can possibly be.  When your body is strong you can do more, no only for yourself but for others.  Strong mind, strong body leads to an amazing strong. . .

SOUL. . .Everyone has their own idea of the soul and spirit.  In my opinion, it doesn't have to be a religious thing but what YOU believe in.  Whether it be God, Love or Yourself, you have set a "soulful standard" for yourself.  When you connect what you believe in with your life, you create a strong soul  Be thankful for your life lessons, the people that touch you and even your environment.  No matter what your circumstances, you will learn and build a character.

Today's Workout will be a nice and easy run.  Hopefully at the beach.  Thinking about the beach and keeping it on mind through the day will definitely make my day a little bit better than expected! Let's see what happens.

Posted on April 7, 2014 .