I have to admit that this has been one of the fastest weeks I have encountered in a long time. It's almost sad how much I enjoy the craziness in my life.  But I truly believe it will pay off because it's not about me

For example, yesterday afternoon was CRA-CRA! Both my girls had events and my hubby had to work late. . .sooo I was the taxi driver all afternoon.  My oldest daughter did well at her track meet placing 1st in both the mile and 2-mile run.  The other girl was rushed to soccer practice and once we arrived. . .no one was there! Nice.


Regardless of my reaction. . .we didn't fret (yeah right)! Instead, we headed to another park, pulled out all the balls, laced up and worked out!  Sometimes there is a disadvantage of being a trainer and it's your mom! LOL! Here is the workout she completed.

50 minute "SOCCER MOM" workout

One girl studies on the field while the other competes! #studyhard #athletes

One girl studies on the field while the other competes! #studyhard #athletes

  • Warmup Run for 5 minutes 
  • 5 minutes Active Warmup (included hip flexor stretches, side lunges, hi-knees, butt kicks,etc.)
  • 5 minutes of dribbling the ball and then shooting
  • 10 minutes of Running after the ball, collecting the ball and then shooting
  • 10 minutes of running and passing the ball to opponent
  • 5 Suicides (1st three, short to long / Last 2, long to short)
  • 3 sets of touches 30 each getting knees high and arms pumping
  • 5 minute cool down jog and static stretching (5-10 mins)

Now, I am no soccer player. . .so I did what I could.  My daughter laughed at me every time I kicked the ball or tried to shoot!  I guess I was so bad, she would just laugh and roll her eyes. Truth be told, I think she had fun and forgot how hard she was working out.  What's cool about being a Mom or even a Mentor, they don't care that you can't do what they love to do. . .it's the point that you are there and gifting them time! So, drop the excuses and just go have fun.  Be YOU!


Posted on April 4, 2014 .