FIT BIT FRIDAY:  Today, I am going to tell you to focus on the mind.  I have had a rough week and after talking to several of my friends about it,  they've had a rough one too!  Not sure if the full moon is out all the universe is tilted a bit, I can just say. . .it's not cool!

 One piece of advise I have heard over and over again?. . .KEEP YOUR HEAD UP and/or IN THE GAME and DON'T LET THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS TAKE OVER! I LOVE IT!!!

So, today's FIT BIT is ALL ABOUT being strong and staying there Mentally.  Don't worry the physical will follow.  

As you know. . .I love images and words that motivate me to keep my head on straight.   Check out images that keep me going. . ."The Rock" image. . .it's all about "The Rock". . .BRING IT!!!

Have a great weekend!