Jump Start Weight Loss . . .

and find the NEW YOU!

That new diet or weight loss plan has been set to start. . .tomorrow, next week or even next month.  Well, I was going to start today but then this happened or that happened.  Will it really hurt me to just wait another day or another week.  Really, what's the harm in that.

Well, standing in your own way to improve your health can be harmful.  Knowing that something needs to be done and you can't get past the first step can be discouraging and I don't like to see others discouraged.

There are a few things you can take into consideration to help get you started and stay on the right track. I am not going to bombard them with a 20 burpee workout or pushing anyone to do 40 pushups. . .it's all about what fires you up to just get started! What do you like to do that will pull you away from the couch or refrigerator? That's where we start so that we can begin the journey to find the BEST you there is.

ONE. . .GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!  Just because you start a new weight loss program doesn't mean you change everything at once.  For some (and very few) that works but for most of us taking one step at a time is the best thing.  For example. #1 Let's not anything friend for 3 days and see if I can do it.  #2 I will check out this fitness class and do about 15 minutes of it to see if I like it. #3 I will find and talk to a personal trainer and just see if my goals are attainable.

TWO. . .EAT BREAKFAST!  Yes, for weight loss, eating breakfast is a GOOD THING! Of course, it has to be a healthy breakfast eventually but get in the habit of eating a good breakfast to jump start your metabolism and provide energy for the first part of your day.  

THREE. . .PACKING THE PROTEIN! From the blog yesterday, I talked about the importance of protein.  Make sure you eat foods rich in protein like meat, eggs, pork and chicken before and after a good workout. Getting your protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner are ideal to help stop unnecessary cravings throughout the day.  

FOUR is my FAVORITE. . .EXERCISE! When you don't move you will gain.  Even if you think you had a set back by eating too much of something, continue to move and burn that "gain" off!  Do you have to go and run a marathon or hit the hardest boot camp in town. . .NO. . .you need to start walking for 20 minutes, grab a fitness video and start doing as many exercises as you can or wash your car, work in the garden, just do something that you enjoy.  Do something that will get your heart rate up and leave you a little breathless.

FIVE. . .FISH OIL IT UP or DOWN! Taking fish oils have shown to aid in weight loss.  Fish oils are known to prevent cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes.  You can actually lose fat with fish oils without even exercises. . .EXERCISE ANYWAY!  

No one can make you lose weight and no one can tell you to lose weight or try a new weight loss program.  That decision must be yours and yours only.  If you are doing anything for yourself for SOMEONE else, you will not get the real benefit of being truly successful.  Make a decision to be a better you, find a weight loss program that works for you and start it right away. . .in baby steps

references: Robert Yang "5 Strategies to Jump Start. . ."

Posted on April 16, 2014 .