Part of being motivated is knowing that you will be transformed into a whole new you!  Alison Hager has not only transformed herself. . .she has shown hundreds of others that they can do the same!  She has been featured in Oxygen Magazine and Nike Women.  You can catch more of Alison at  Let me introduce you to this "Fit Not Skinny" girl and get you motivated to change into a "fitter" you! Happy Monday, Alison!

What got you into the health, fitness and running industry?

I started running back in high school when I had done the Atkins diet and lost 40 lbs.  I wanted to start working out but didn't know where to start and running seemed like the most simple thing to do.

Then, I had to have two hip surgeries (a pin and a screw in both of my hips) and gallbladder surgery.  I gained a lot of weight and became an emotional eater.  One day I woke up at 226 lbs and I was going into my junior year of college.  Something had to be done.  I was sleeping all the time and had no energy.  I had tried working with a personal trainer and actually gained more weight.  He recommended that I see a doctor.  Later I found out that I had hypothyroid disease which slowed down my metabolism and if I didn't lose the weight I would develop diabetes by the age of 30.  That day I went home and "googled" and example diet a diabetic would follow.  I just made up my mind to follow that diet and give it 3 months.  After the 3 months I had lost 34 lbs! I stuck with that diet and got a personal trainer.  The education and the knowledge the trainer shared with me helped me understand my body.  I read lots of online articles about the body and weight loss.  My favorite magazine is Oxygen and I love all their "Eat Clean" ideas!


I eventually got my certification in spin and group fitness as well as Zumba.  It paid for my membership and after balancing two jobs along with 2 workouts the director of personal training asked me if I would be interested in joining their staff.  I realize that I don't know everything but I have a my past experience and it is my goal to inspire and educate my clients just like I had.  I invested in myself and gained a whole new self respect for myself.  I want everyone to have that.

Running has become my safe place! I'm a cardio junkie, but of course, I lift weight as well! However, running to me is my opportunity to put my headphones in and just relieve stress.  I am able to pray and think through my run and I find it relaxing.  There are hard runs to challenge my body but a nice long run always calms me down. 

Who inspires you? 

Not to sound conceded, but me! I'm inspired by the old Alison.  I use to be depressed and I had not self discipline.  I was lazy, sarcastic and bitter.  I used to make fun of myself to deal with what I hated about myself.  The old Alison drives me to never be that way again.  Like I said before, I know who I am in Christ and that I was placed here to love and encourage others.  If only one person finds success in that I am OK with that! The bottom line is that I live for an audience of one and that is God.  God has given me the breathe of life and the desire to honor Him in all that I do!  

Advise to other runners and women.  Love yourself! Look in the mirror and stop the negativity.  Know you are beautiful and know your strength.  Make the choice to do something about your health.  Get moving and get active. . .NO EXCUSES!  

KEEP RUNNING and BE HAPPY! Thank you, Alison!!!  

Posted on March 24, 2014 .