Whether you are a professional athlete, a kid just getting started or a regular Jane/John Doe, the way you move when you workout is critical.   In order to be the best at what you do and prevent injury you need a strong foundation of movement.

Once you decide to get moving or take your training to the next level, make sure that a "corrective" exercise assessment takes place by a creditable trainer/coach.  Your body moves differently in various planes- front to back, side to side and transversely.  Understanding what your body needs to do in those planes can greatly effect the outcome of your workout.

For instance, a runner's foot strike, shoulder position and arm swing are important when in motion.  If one thing is not moving correctly, that runner increase their chances of injury.  Another example would be a simple chest press.  Hand position, weight selection and range of motion are also key in order to target the right muscle group and get the most out of your workout when in motion. 

Always take the time to learn how to move correctly in your sport.  When you do this, you increase your strength, performance and conditioning.  Never be afraid to ask a trainer or fitness expert for help.   Have fun, be safe and continue to MOVE!