Tim and Paula motivate me every time they join me for BodyPump or CRB FIT!

Tim and Paula motivate me every time they join me for BodyPump or CRB FIT!

I love meeting new people, learning who they are and why they do what that they do intrigues me.  I also love being around people that have one common goal. . .working out!  As we all know, there are so many different people, from all walks of life but when they come together for a fitness class or boot camp it's all about getting into shape.  Being better at who they are one session at a time.  

For me, that's motivation! 

When standing in front of a class or running a boot camp, I can look to my left and see a young couple competing with weight selection or who can last longer while on my right side, there are three very close girlfriends laughing their way through a tough workout.  Either way, they are having a blast and feeding their souls with friendships, healthy competition and a drive to improve their health.

Of course, there are those that are serious and want a tough workout.  It's my job to take them there, challenge them and push them outside their comfort zone.  I LOVE IT when I take them to nearly a breaking point. They will not look at me but when I challenged them. . .hard core?. . .they get up with a lil' grin across their face because not only did they do it, they did it BETTER than what they expected.


I could post some awesome motivational saying, type out steps 1 through 10 on how you can become a better you AND even tell you NOT to think NEGATIVE thoughts but that's not what you want. . .you want to see CHANGE, you want to see YOU working out so I highly suggest that you stop reading, shut down the computer and HEAD OUT!!! Walk, Run, Kick or STOMP to the gym. . .Just get it IN and live with FIRE!