Monday Motivation "FitMind"

I have said this before I will say it again.  In order to have a fit body you have to have a fit mind. You have to believe in yourself, your goals and believe that can achieve them no matter what obstacles stand in your way.  There are a lot of things and people that will discourage you and it's your job not to ALLOW discouragement in your life. 

For example, my youngest daughter never believed that she could be smarter than her sister. If she could not be as smart as her sister (or smarter), she immediately considered herself not bright at all. And let's not forget she is 3 1/2 years younger than her.  She would do ok in school but there wasn't any real effort.  In her MIND she was less than and her light was very dim.  During this time, it was parent/teacher conference and I will admit, I was a bit nervous.  I had been working on my baby's SELF ESTEEM and felt like I wasn't getting any where. The third grade teacher pulled out her grades and her test scores from an aptitude-type of test that she had given Mariana earlier in the school year.  I literally had one eye open and the other eye closed bracing myself for what she was about to show me.  By surprise, her scores were extremely high and in many cases well above average.  The teacher proceeded to tell me that my little monster was extremely smart and she had been giving her 5th grade work so she would not get bored in class. When I came home and shared this information with her and my husband, she immediately lit up, the light was no longer dim and has never looked back! Trust me, she will NOT look back.   

Yeah, I am bragging a bit about my kid BUT there is a lesson to be learned here.  Everything starts in your head.  Your  mind controls your actions and ability to do anything.  If your mind is FIT you can accomplish great things. You need to surround yourself with people who will support you, who will tell you the truth and NOT bring you down. I have people in my life right now who will tell me the truth and not stroke my ego.  If I feel "less than" after being with someone, I will not BE with the someone for a long period of time again.  I still reach out to people that have touched my life in the MOST POSITIVE WAY to get advice, re-energize my life and make sure I am not CrAZy in what I want to accomplish.  They will tell me the truth and even guide me in the right direction when necessary.

Keeping negative thoughts out of your head can be one of the hardest things to do when it feels like LIFE keeps throwing lemons your way AND setting hurdles that seem to high to jump. But LIFE does NOT CONTROL what goes on in your head.  Accept who you are right now, remember the things that make you FREAK'N AWESOME and pick your favorite "go-to" song that just makes you feel "Stupid-Crazy" GOOD and conquer the DAY! (Mine. . ."Show Me What You Got" by Jay Z) I don't care what your social or financial status may be. . .everyone has issues.  It's all in how you tackle them, continue to keep standing and push forward!

Happy Monday! Now go out there and GET YOURS!

Posted on December 8, 2014 .