Don't Let that Backbone Slip!

Nearly 80% of American adults deal with lower back pain.  It's the number one cause of musculoskeletal breakdown seen in adults.  Many of adults affected by lower back pain work in enclosed workspaces and are required to sit for a long period of time.  Pain back usually comes from a repetitive action that a person may do every day from sitting, lifting or shifting their bodies to move heavy objects.  It is extremely important to keep your lower back stable and healthy so that you body doesn't start to breakdown. 

I experienced lower back pain nearly 10 years ago.  I was at an event with family wearing 3 inch heels and trying to be a mom at the same time.  My youngest daughter was 2 years old at the time and very rambunctious.  I went to pick her up and I twisted my body in a foreign way to catch her (because she was running away from me and was not a light 2 year old).  I immediately felt my lower back snap.  It hurt but I figured it was temporary because I was young and unstoppable, right? 

Well, nearly two weeks, I walked around literally bent over with a sharp pain digging into my right gluteus and hamstring. The pain became unbearable so I decided to go to the doctor.  I later found out that I had a herniated disc and this doctor wanted to do surgery right away.   I wasn't ready for someone to just cut me open so I did some research and got a second opinion.  I found a local physical therapist who specialized in lower back pain. I started to visit a massage therapist and I took up Pilates since I couldn't run.  In 2 months I was almost back to normal.  It took nearly 8 months to get back on my feet.  After about a year, I started to run again.

10 years later with over a dozen half marathons under my belt and a couple of marathons, I am good to go.  I still have to stretch, exercise and foam roll my body to keep my back strong.  Like right now, as I type this blog entry, I need to GET UP and stretch and I will!

I share this story with you because back pain is real and it effects so many of us.  Keep your back healthy and strong by exercising daily, keeping your core strong and try not to be a slave to the chair for a long period of time.  Below are some simple exercises that I really do EVERY CHANCE I GET (every day, twice a day) to keep my back happy and healthy! Good luck, stay strong and always check with your local doctor and trainer for more detailed information.

Posted on December 2, 2014 .