Motivation through Complication

These past couple of weeks have been a little rough on my family! My husband started a new job, I have been working hard to drum up new business and my girls have been putting in extra hours when it comes to homework and practice.  Like many families out there, we are working hard, staying focused and getting things done.  It's not always easy when you have to fight off colds, deal with schedule conflicts and people who just love to see you miserable.  (Yeah, we have had all of that!) Life isn't easy but we have to stay motivated through all the complications life throws at us.

My oldest girl just finished up her cross country season and even though it started out rough, she ended the season with a bang!  She placed 3rd at leagues, FIRST at CIF Championships and 14th at state out of 190 girls.  It's amazing to watch her at work because she truly has a passion for learning and running.  She has had to deal with difficult situations and people.  Somehow she continues to push through it all.  She knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to get it.  She has a way of doing things with grace, simplicity and a smile on her face. She has taught me a lot about how to handle certain situations and stay focused on what I want.  I am very proud of her.

My other rugrat tore her rotator-cuff in practice a few weeks back.  We were scared that she broke her arm because LAST YEAR she broke her clavicle.  Luckily, the x-rays came back clean and she had to stay away from soccer for nearly 3 weeks.  She was SO UPSET because she missed a several games and practices.  Usually when you get injured you are mad at the world, but she wasn't.  She was frustrated from time to time but she remained happy and bubbly for the most part.  She rested, did her exercises, slowly got back into the game and finished up the season doing exactly what she loves... "playing soccer".  Whether her team won or lost, she was happy to be back on the field giving her 100%.

What are you working hard for today? What is standing in your way and who told you that you can't have what you want? There will always be obstacles and how you deal with those obstacles says a lot about you. Never think that you can not reach your goals.  Focus by keeping your eyes on the prize and not letting anyone stand in your way. Hurting others to get what you want will never benefit you or the other person.  Have integrity, patience and a strong passion for what you want.  Never give up and keep pushing! 

Have a great Monday!  


Posted on December 1, 2014 .