10 Toes 9 Nails

After the Storm. . .I mean the "half marathon"


The Temecula Half Marathon is officially over and I am still mentally tripping over it.  It may that every time I look down at my bare feet,  I only see 9 beautiful toe and not 10! It's ALL GOOD! It's my new "Warrior's Scar" and if you catch me at the right time, it becomes a great conversational piece.  LOL! 


But seriously, the real reason this marathon is still on my mind is the difficulty of the course.  Very similar to how difficult my life has been in the past couple of years.  Those Temecula hills, rocks and rough terrain felt very similar to the hills, rocks and rough terrain in my life.   The small and steady hills represented good times while the crazy steep hills were the hard times. Those uncontrollable downhills represented all the crazy-a$$ people I've had to deal with and the people passing me were those who seem to be succeeding while I felt stuck or motionless. Luckily, I'm smart enough to look up and see the whole picture.  The sky was beautiful, the rolling hills from a distance were magnificent and there was a goal to be met. . .the finish line and that glass of WINE!

When I run a half marathon or a marathon, you have a lot of time to think.  I usually think about how my body feels and breathing.  After I hit a zone, my mind quickly starts to think about my husband and kids.  That fills my heart and keeps the meaty part of the run comfortable.  Then a hill comes my way or those last 3 miles hit and then LIFE comes across our mind.  Will I succeed or fail? Will I run, trot or walk up this hill? Will I stop?. . .That's when I close my eyes and decide to keep going, run my own race and FINISH.  Whether I do run, trot or walk. . .I am not going to quit.  

In your life, what are your hills? What are your rocks and rough terrain? Make sure you have a good plan and be ready for anything.  Don't let one hill or rock stop you from getting to the finish line.  When it's over, it's over.  Learn from it and grow.  You will be stronger and well equipped for the next one.  Happy Running!


Posted on November 11, 2014 .