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It was a slow morning and I needed a little wonder to finish those 10 miles that were ahead of me.  #power

It was a slow morning and I needed a little wonder to finish those 10 miles that were ahead of me.  #power

The Temecula Half Marathon is right around the corner and yesterday I completed 10 miles! I am working hard to stick to my running schedule, stay on pace and put in good, solid work so I can AT LEAST walk after my first 1/2 marathon of the year! 

Yes, my first 1/2 marathon of the year.  I stopped running last year because I was "burned out".  Life had taken over and it was hard to get back into what I loved the most! That's scary because I love running like I enjoy breathing but it happens to the best of us.

Earlier this year, I ran 5K on Mother's Day and it really got my running juices flowing again.  Ever since then, I have been running every week and consistently training.  I feel strong and really happy to be back on the road again.  So to complete 10 miles alone is a big deal for me right now.  

So much so, I made sure that my route was planned out,  I headed to bed early the night before and had some of my gear ready for the next day.  The only thing I did wrong was to get caught up in good conversation with family and drink a glass of wine an hour before heading to bed.  It wasn't quite a small glass so when I woke up the next morning to run. . .everything seemed V E R Y S L O W and since I'm a light weight, it didn't start out as great as I had planned.

I needed some encouragement.  I pulled out my WonderWomen t-shirt (and it's PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month), went into my garage and jumped up and down a few times, stretched and headed out the door.  I know. . .I really am over 40. . .but this crazy stuff keeps me young!

Let me tell you something. . .the first 3 miles? NO JOKE!  My legs were telling me to stop and my feet refused to lift themselves higher than 2" off the ground with every step.  I hit the wrong key on my iPhone and I had the worst music EVAH! (It's the worst now because my kids are teenagers now and my hand must have hit music purchased because all I had was Disney songs and 90s pop). THEN, when I hit mile 2.6 miles, elevation started and didn't end for nearly 5 miles! The peak? Approximately 770 feet.

Ironically, I went to change the music and before I could, a particular song started to play during this time of self-inflicted pain.  It was "Jesus Loves Me". I could do nothing but laugh at the children's harmonic voices and the little instruments playing in the background because, at that moment. . .I needed to know SOMEONE loved me.  


That hill was brutal from mile 2.6 to mile 7.4 but it was that little kiddie spiritual that got me through the first part of the climb!  I held strong throughout the rest of the run because I did pray a little and I told God...I want to finish STRONG, OK?  

Sometimes, the weirdest things happen when you have to climb the hill of anything.  The hill of life, the corporate hill or even the "starting over" hill.   Encouragement can come in many forms and if you allow it to enter into your life, it can make that climb a little easier and more tolerable. I am not here to sell you on religion but I am here to sell you on your own inner strength and endurance to climb any hill that life throws in front of you.  Believe that you will climb high, get through it and come down the other side with a smile.  As long as you continue to believe in yourself, never give up and stay strong!

Happy Hill Climbing. . .this is my Monday's MoJo!

Posted on October 6, 2014 .