MONDAY MOTIVATION. . .helping others!


The first thing I do when I get up on Monday morning is "people plant"! I plant people (those who I want/need to help) in my head immediately.  It motivates me to move a little faster and jump a little higher.  I love helping others, starting with my family.  If it's a simple as making a chocolate flavored pancake in the morning for my gurlz or leaving a love note (ha ha) for my husband in his wallet, I know it will make them smile and feel a little better about their day.

Monday's are not always self-motivating but when you inspire and make someone else happy you set the tone for the whole week.  If you want to know how FanTAStic you can feel inside. . .do something good for someone else and just see what happens!

Exercise your Heart in a DifFerEnT way today! 

  • Get up a little earlier and cook a special breakfast for a special someone.
  • Leave a flower or love note in your honey's car before he/she takes off to work.  Unless you are a stalker! LOL! . . . Don't.
  • Instead of the same old routine in the morning with a paper and a piece of toast, turn up the volume and dance to your favorite music to start the day on a GOOD note!. . .Scare your kids!
  • Going into work, get an extra cup of coffee for a co-worker or a bottled water that they might enjoy later on during the day. . .do it for the mean person in the office.
  • Cook dinner for a family that needs a little help in your neighborhood.  Have a surprise cookout with the neighbors.
  • Wear something that's a LITTLE out of your comfort zone but not too flashy. . .just enough for you to look at yourself and giggle for a minute.  It could be something underneath that stiff suit. (If so, don't share. . .I don't wanna know)
  • Just have fun today. . .MONDAY. . .and set a good tone for the rest of the week.  You probably really need it, as well as everyone else around you!  

Happy Monday! 


Posted on September 30, 2013 .