What is that Donut really going to do?


Healthy living. . . 

That one donut? That one buttery tasting, rich and sugary donut. . .What is it going to do to you? Well, nothing. . .IFFFFF it's just one small donut.  But, it's the other 3 donuts that have to follow when we lose our self-control.   

I can blog about exercising, eating right and living life according to some perfect belief system but truth be told, no one's perfect.  No one exercises PERFECTLY, eats PERFECTLY or lives their life PERFECTLY.  Many of us think that we do but we don't and that's what makes us self-destruct and eat a bag of cookies or 2 big bags of Lay's potato chips. 

We all do it to ourselves one way or another.  I know when I am feeling down there has to be a bag of Lay's potato chips nearby (and if there isn't I am heading to the store at an awkward time. . .AWKWARD. . .so I can't be seen, duh).  I also love those cheap cake donuts that come with different layers of flavors like chocolate or powdered sugar and I can't eat just one.  

"That one donut or chip will do nothing but the others that follow can do a lot of harm."  How does your stomach feel after going crazy over bad food? How is that digestive system working for ya in the days to come because it isn't working right now, is it? Let's not discuss the mental anguish you get after you numb and there is powdered sugar all over your mouth.  What? that's just me? YEaH. . .RIghT!

Whether you are overweight (30+ pounds over your ideal weight according to your age and height) or somewhat healthy and fit (less that 30 pounds from your ideal weight) food is your friend and it's even ok to have what you like from time to time, you just can not abuse it.  The one thing that drives me crazy about how we use our food, it's the same way we treat ourselves in life.  We feel as though we deserve extra because we did this or we did that. . .food is not a reward,  it's a way of life.  It helps to shape our environment and culture.  It should not be abuse like we are getting away with something.   

Think about this, if you could do 80% of healthy eating and 20% of "let's kick it eating", that would be better than 50% healthy eating, 50% kick it eating and 100% of weight gain, clogged arteries and other chronic issues we tend to catch because of unhealthy eating habits.  Adding more fruits and vegetables to our plate may seem BORING but add a nice healthy steak or a tasty piece of salmon/halibut to your plate can really make you feel good. It will fill you up and you can even top it off with a pint size desert at the end and let your body operate on all cylinders because you are feeding it right. 

I remember when I was in college, I drank a TON of water.  I would have a huge meal and drink it down with a huge glass of water.  I would constantly get teased but I noticed that if I had a soda pop or fruity, sugary drink after my meal, the next day my workouts and just getting through the day was difficult.  When I drank my water, I had more energy and my muscles were ready to rock out the next T&F workout.  I ate what was good for me and I only would go crazy with food on special occasions.  See, when you save the rich food for a special occasion, it's part of the experience and you can enjoy it more. I think about food all the time but when I do, it's the thought of "what will benefit my body so I can move through the rest of my day on a good note".


Remember that the way you eat can influence your mood. . .if you eat more fruits and vegetables the nutrients can fill you with the right amount of energy to keep you going. Heavier foods will weigh you down and can slow you down.  You're too busy to be weighed down!

Eating right and not living off of that donut diet can help prevent chronic conditions such as Type II diabetes, some cancers and heart disease. Please note, it will not get rid of these conditions or even cure these conditions but can lower your chance of obtaining a chronic condition (along with daily exercise) .  If your mid section is larger than your hip section. . .it's time to re-evaluate what you are doing to your body.


Get the most out of healthy eating.  Make sure your bread, pasta and rice are of whole grains.  Whole grains help to digest food more efficiently.  Eat a serving of vegetables and fruit at every meal. . .if not load it into a self-made smoothy and go! Lastly, stick to proteins that are plant based like beans, tofu and lean meats that are organic or properly processed.  Eating vegetable based foods has helped me tremendously in the past year and half.  I am CRAVING a BIG JuIcY BURGER and I will get one. . .but I do love how healthier eating makes me feel stronger and more efficient.  

Don't lose yourself to lose weight.  Be realistic and take one small step at a time.  If you are eating things that are not beneficial to your overall health, take one thing away per week and work from there.  Don't be afraid of enjoy fruits and vegetables and LESS of refined sugars, enriched flours and saturated fat.  Our bodies can only take so much and we only have one life to live in them.  Take care of your body and EAT HaPPY. . .and HEaLThY!