Everyone believes that being thin is the key to happiness.  Well, as a skinny person, I am here to tell you that it's not.  Why? Because if you are not happy with yourself right now, you will not be happy with yourself once you "get thin".   I don't care what exercise fad you are a part of, if you are not a happy person now, you will not be a happy person in the future.

In order to move forward you have to appreciate where you are right now.  If you can do that, you have a bright future ahead of you.  You should not harp on being out of shape or overweight.  Set your goals, be happy that you have a body that can move and start to make things happen. 

Being FIT is being the best overall person YOU can be.  Eating the right foods, exercising daily and mentally staying positive. You can be thin and still acquire chronic diseases, fight an eating disorder and even pay a high price later in life for not taking care of yourself right now.  

Bring all your weapons to the party once you decide you want to GET FIT. . .your mind, body and soul.  Find good people to help you get to where you want to be, make it clear on what you want and go after it.  Even if you are unsure about running  your first marathon, losing 30 pounds or just getting to the gym do something to get startedPurchase a new pair of running shoes, watch what you eat and start to remove those cookies your hiding in the back cabinet.   Visit a gym and take a class.  Do SOMETHING to get you moving.


Over 30% of Americans are overweight and many are tackling chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Daily physical activity, eating right and training your brain (yes, training your brain) to be positive can decrease your chances of getting a chronic disease by 10%.  I know several people that have and ARE fighting cancer and diabetes right now!  Some of them have not changed their lifestyle and they are paying a pretty penny to survive.  Others have changed their lifestyles and their life expectancy has improved dramatically.  They might be fighting the good fight but they are here with their family and friends enjoying life.

I am no different.  This past week, I have allowed A LOT of personal STUFF get in my head.  I wish I could tell you that the personal STUFF got better but it hasn't.  I come from a family that worries and I try and break that habit on a daily basis.  For me, I look physically fit but when I let my mental take over, it's hard to workout, stay motivated and perform at my best.  I have had sharp pains in my stomach area and dealt with unexpected headaches from time to time and it all comes from stress.  

For me, praying is my mental outlet and this morning, I put it all on the line.  I talked about my frustrations, my dreams and my goals.  I started to understand what was important and what was just absolutely silly.  Praying out loud for me put things into perspective quickly and I was able to move on with my day.  

  • Whatever you believe in that will help you mentally, start doing it and do it daily.  Praying, meditation or talking to someone positive and learn how they stay in such a good mood.  As long as it is a positive outlet and it can improve who you are.
  • Take note on what you are putting into your body.  What foods have a certain effect on you and I am not just talking weight gain.  If you eat a certain meal, then later on you have a headache or stomach issues.  What can you remove out of your diet that is not good for you.
  • Of course, exercise daily for 30 minutes to one hour.  I am not talking about the stationary bike that you recline in and read a magazine.  Hit the treadmill, move your entire body.  Walk around the block or do yard work.  Grab a bike and roll around the block with your loved one or kids.  There are so many things you can do to stay active that you may ACTUALLY enjoy!

Let's be a fitter planet and be a better YOU! 


Posted on September 13, 2013 .