I am not sure if you will understand what the next statement is going to mean but bare with me for a minute.  Sometimes, Monday is not just today.  Monday can happen on a Tuesday or a Wednesday and it seems like it is never going to end.  You know what I mean. . .things seem to "happen" on Monday that is unexpected and your run or workout is put on the back burner.  Usually when that happens, the back burner has burned up in our minds and that work out ain't gonna happen! RIGHT? LOL! (yes I used the word "ain't")

Well, one way of getting through that idea that "it ain't gonna happen" is to make it happen.   Any workout is better than no workout at all.  So, you have to work late or your child has you stuck in the house all day, the world CAN BE your gym and you can get a workout in. . .yes. . .NO EXCUSES!

If work demands that you stay later, then plan a shorter run.  If your child or significant other becomes sick and you are nailed to the house, do some strength training exercises with your own body weight.  You can work on your flexibility and even your cardio if you put together the right workout.     


Trust me, it's OK to switch it up from time to time, even if you just started working out.   If you are a seasoned runner, your body is not going to forget how to run.  Many times, your body needs the rest and you will be surprised once you get back on track, you feel fantastic! If you are a new comer to working out. . .ah ah ah. . .don't give up so easily.  There are hundreds of workouts, blogs (not like this one-of-a-kind LOL) and fitness experts that can help you get in a simple workout to keep you moving.


Office and Exercise can mix: 

Even you workaholics out there have not excuse.  If you are stuck at the office and you don't have the convenience of a company gym, it is SO important that you MOVE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER anyway. . .for at least 2 minutes every 30 minutes a day.  For those employees that walk during their break, join them!

Multi-task.  Be social and prevent lower back injuries by walking to lunch or Starbuck's during your break. . .oh and save some gas while you're at it!

If you are a fitness fanatic and you really think your head will explode because you can't make it to the gym do "office-chair" squats, tri-cep dips, desktop push-ups and get your heart rate up right there in your cubicle.  

All of this will also relieve stress and make you that "happier person to work with" during the day.  Someone told me that one time. . .I don't know what they are talking about. 

Remember, there is a way, you make a way and not everyday has to be a Monday