FITNESS FRIDAY. . .putting in the work!


In the past few weeks, Americans have been introduced to several "quick fix methods" to stop obesity.  From the 7 minute workout to the medical tongue patch that women are getting stitched to their TONGUES to stop over eating (only in America, folks)!  I was going to add a link but I can't support that one...OUCH!!!  

Look, I am here to tell you "just put in the work".  If it takes 10 minutes or 2 hours, feel the gratification that YOU put the time in and you know results are coming.  They ARE coming!

Last night I led 30 people into an intense "boot camp" workout.  These same people started with me exactly 2 months ago.  If I presented this same workout their first or even 2 week of camp, there is NO WAY they would have completed the workout or even returned to my camp.  But yesterday, they did it! They PUT IN THE WORK for 7 weeks and on their last week. . .they brought it!  All ages and sizes finished each exercise with the heart and intensity that was needed to get the job done. 

Put in the work, enjoy REAL RESULTS and always remember, our bodies were created to move!  Our bodies were not made to sit around all day, watch endless hours of tv and eat potato chips.  Even if you work a lot and are stuck in front of a computer for hours, if you get up every 20 minutes and walk for 2 minutes, you are exercising your body and putting in the work.   SO, let's get moving, stay healthy and enjoy life!


This post is dedicated to my T&F brother Jesse Lane who is currently putting in 3 workouts A DAY to meet his fitness goal. . .talk about doing the work! Keeping moving Jesse!