SIT DOWN and SHUT UP! . . .Motivational Monday!

Ok, so I got the kids off to school, got my green smoothie in hand and ready to get an early morning Monday workout started with about 30 people this morning! It's Monday and usually I have to admit, I am not this "chipery" but this morning, I refuse to have a bad day!

Your exercise program starts with what goes on in your head.  Your thoughts can either mess you up or get you going!  What you have to know is that you ARE in the drivers seat!  


Let's really make this a new day, start fresh and hold on to what is good.  If thinking of your kids, spouse or good friend immediately puts you in a good mood, stay there.  Keep thinking of them. As soon as something or someone creeps into your head, immediately think positive, put a smile on your face and take control of the moment.  One thing my husband tells me daily. . . "don't let anyone steal your joy. . .you are giving them power. . .don't do that!".  

In order to have a good run or hard core, effective workout, you have to go into it with a positive and "I WILL DO THIS" attitude! Before every class that I teach, I try and put my participants in a good mood by telling bad jokes or mirroring what I see them doing.  It's funny, it makes them laugh and they begin to feel like they CAN get through this workout.  Do what you need to do to stay on top!

So, let's get on the "UP and UP" and tell the negative committee to sit down and shut up! 


Posted on June 10, 2013 .