MONDAY MORNINGS are dedicated to BodyPump and CXWorx over at Escondido Super Sport.  Today was an exceptionally good class because there were wall to wall members including new faces that I haven't seen before.  I love teaching, learning and helping people meet their fitness goals and listen to the stories that they share with me. 

Going to the gym is kind of like going to church.  There is a message that you want to share, put into action and make sure the members keep coming back.  When looking for a good trainer or instructor, make sure they have a passion for what they are doing, they are hands on respectfully and they do not make you feel less than.

For me, I do believe that I am one of the best instructors out there and that's not to sound cocky or "I am better than you!".  No, no, no. . .I work hard to be a good instructor for those who take my class because I always think, "what would I want to hear when taking a class?". . ."what would I want to see and how would I like to be encouraged to come back?".  I was a participant at one time and still am.  I want to be motivated and leave feeling like I really accomplished something.

Just like life, you can not please everyone but you can find a common ground, stick with it and know that what you are doing is definitely motivating someone else who needs that extra push to get into better shape.  Yes, I will shake a hip and share bad (tasteful) jokes in class but it keeps them coming because they know I am not perfect. . .just like them!