You Know You're a Running Addict When. . .
1. You sleep in your running clothes for your "next day" early morning run.
2.  You never comb your hair (maybe for work) and you always wear your running cap and shorts.
3.  When the latest fashion has to do with the latest running shoe, running gadget, sports gels and drinks!
4.  When you run so much that you pull a muscle or throw out your back but you still run because, "it will shake itself out"!. . .and your form is all jacked up but you run anyway!
5.  When you "jack up" your feet with missing toe nails, blisters, cuts and oversized bunions but you walk around showing them proudly to the public hoping someone will ask you, "what in the heck happened to your feet"? A great start to a running conversation!
6.  When you open your closet and there are more Runner's World Magazines and running shoes than there are clothes.
7.  No matter where you are, you want to just break out and run!
8.  When you PR in an event and you are STILL not happy, so you register for 3 more events just to PR and once you PR. . .you could have done better!
9.  When you are injured and you actually listen to the doctor and take time off and it seems like EVERYONE is running, even Grand-mama!
10.  You know you are addicted to running when you meet up with another runner and you literally talk for over 2 hours about running.  Your form, injuries, events and workouts over and over again!

Yeah, I am a running addict, I've been a running addict since the 8th grade and I have say I am proud of it!
Posted on April 2, 2013 .