Why would Boot Camp be important to a runner or to you? Well, as you know, I like to see the body move to get fit!  Boot Camps can be challenging and within one hour can work your entire body to help increase your metabolism and burn calories faster.  Also, for runners, cyclists and triathletes exercising the body from left to right, front to back, as well as up and down can make them stronger, more competitive and increase flexibility!

As I continue my journey through physical fitness and health aware, I am always trying to find new and creative ways to get people motivated and have fun at the same time.  "Get Fit" Boot Camp delivers challenging exercises at a level that is fit for you! 
Whether you are a part of my "Get Fit" Boot Camp or another one in your area, here are some tips that you should consider when getting started!

I believe that no matter when you start a Boot Camp, the instructor should be sensitive to your athletic limits.  Have a discussion with the instructor before the class indicating any concerns you may have with the exercises you have witnessed in their camp.  Also, ask if the instructor works in stages.  Read my tips on 3 Boot Camp stages that should be considered!

The first stage is the "Beginner's Level" where each exercise is done properly and at your pace.  Do not hesitate to stop and communicate to the instructor that an exercise is too much for you.  If they do not listen and YOU feel like they do not know your limits STOP the exercise immediately!
The Second stage is the "Intermediate Level".  Here, you have attended the boot camp for 3-4 weeks, the exercises have become easier (still challenging) and the instructor does not have to correct your form as often as they should have done at the "Beginner's Level".

Third stage of boot camp is "Advanced".  At this level your regular exercises now have a twist and have been modified (safely) to take you to the next level.  You can be pushed to do more and work at an 75%-80% competitive level.  At times, the workouts are modified for a specific sport or event!

This is your body and your decision to get it into great shape.  Make sure you do your homework, get the support you need to keep going and work with trainers/instructors you feel comfortable with and who know your needs when it comes to YOUR workout! 

Have a good one and BE SAFE!

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