It's Monday and if you had a good weekend like myself, you know it is hard to get it going for a new week.  Even if it was a bad weekend. . .Monday can be hard for many.  But, that's OK, Monday is a small window into another fantastic weekend or day off. 

This week all you need is 2.5 hours of fitness to improve your fitness level if you are beginner.  For all those professional athletes out there (and you are an athlete if you work your body out hard). . .every day is a must, but change it up.  

This week's challenge, do an extra mile, add on a little more weight and make yourself sweat a bit more when working out.  If you don't challenge yourself you don't change and CHANGING to a better you is what you should be looking for.  Be the BEST YOU and GET INTO MONDAY!


Posted on March 18, 2013 .