Hollis Conway
I've had many competitions where I felt like there was nothing better.  2 Olympics, World Championships, NCAA Champs, USA Champs, Record setting jumps, etc. . . What they all have in common is that they were the results of years of preparation, dreams, hard workouts, set backs, frustrations and failures.  I believe satisfaction comes from experiencing and completing the process.  There is no shortcut to lasting success.  Consequently, my worst experiences came when I was not able to compete the process for whatever reason.  

This week, I have the honor to feature a person that made a lasting impression on me and my family years ago. . .Olympian Hollis Conway.  I met him. . .oh my goodness 21 years ago at a friend's wedding (now I feel a little old).  I have to say that Hollis and his wife were the happiest and nicest couple that  anyone would ever want to meet.  You could feel the energy and joy surrounding them.  The Conway's had just had their first baby girl and let me tell you, whether Hollis was an Olympian or not. . .we were instant fans for life!  Fast forward nearly 20 years and he now has an amazing ministry, three beautiful daughters, an ageless wife and has no intentions of slowing down.  Here is Hollis Conway!

I started Track&Field because I wanted a girlfriend.  I was very skinny and unpopular and figured the only way I was ever going to get a girlfriend was to become famous.  Girls don't really care what you look like when you're famous. 
High jump brings out the ultimate competitor in me and I really love competing.  When I'm in a competition, I am very focused on the task at hand and depending upon the result it kind of determines how I feel.  

I started high jumping in the 8th grade and retired in 2001 which totals somewhere around 21 years.  WOW!  I am inspired by great performances in anything.  I love to see someone give everything they have and to leave it all on the line.  

The best advice I would give to anyone is to know what your gifts are, know what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Work, prepare and rest like a champion.  The results will take care of themselves.

Hollis, thank you.  My family and I send all blessings and good vibes to you and your family.  Happy Friday and Happy Running Jumping!

Hollis Conway has been one of the world's most dominating athletes.  He has numerous awards and set many records in the high jump alone.  His 1991 jump of 7'10.5" still stands as the American Indoor Record some 17 years later.  He is a faithful husband, father and an Ordained minister.  He is also the president of Overcoming Obstacles, Inc., a non profit motivational speaking company.  Hollis has authored two books: YES I CAN and GRASSHOPPER.